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Shepherd patient and loved one.

Areas of Need

Many life-renewing programs at Shepherd Center rely on financial support from generous people like you. You may choose to make a general gift to Shepherd Center and we will apply it where it is needed most. Or, you can designate your support to a specific program that aligns with your interests. Take a look at our areas of need below, and you will get a sense of just how much good your donations can do.

Family housing icon

Family Housing

Family support can make all the difference in a patient’s recovery. We offer housing to families of patients who live 60 or more miles away because their presence and involvement in the healing process enhances rehabilitation for our patients. Learn more about Family Housing

Recreation Therapy

Our recreation therapy program helps patients lead healthy and active lifestyles as independently as possible, improving self-esteem, relieving stress, and increasing mobility. Learn more about Recreation Therapy

Multiple Sclerosis Institute

Shepherd Center’s Andrew C. Carlos Multiple Sclerosis Institute is the largest comprehensive multiple sclerosis program in the Southeast, providing innovative and integrated care to over 3,000 patients each year. Learn more about Multiple Sclerosis Institute
Spine pain icon

Spine & Pain Institute

Chronic pain is a complex problem that can profoundly affect physical and mental wellbeing. Shepherd Center’s Dean Stroud Spine & Pain Institute treats both the physical and emotional components of pain. Learn more about Spine & Pain Institute

SHARE Military Initiative

The SHARE Military Initiative provides world-class treatment that makes a world of difference at no cost to veterans, service members, and first responders who have sustained traumatic brain injuries. Learn more about SHARE Military Initiative
Assistive technology icon

Innovation: Assistive Technology

Innovations in Assistive Technology can mean life-changing independence for our patients. Our technologists provide and train patients with mobility devices, positioning devices, self-care equipment, hospital beds, communications tools, adaptive video gaming equipment, and much more. Learn more about Innovation: Assistive Technology

Innovation: Research

Shepherd Center’s Virginia C. Crawford Research Institute has a remarkable track record of developing powerful new advancements in neurorehabilitation through collaboration and innovation. Learn more about Innovation: Research
Spinal cord icon

Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Program

Shepherd Center is a national leader in spinal cord injury rehabilitation and research. Our programs are tailored to optimize recovery and support our patients’ independence. Learn more about Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Program

Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program

Shepherd Center’s Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program provides a full continuum of services for patients who’ve experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or non-traumatic brain injury. Learn more about Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program