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New Family Housing Tower at 1860 Peachtree Road

Pursuing Possible
Advancing Stories & Renewing Lives

The Pursuing Possible campaign will propel Shepherd to new heights. A catastrophic injury or debilitating illness can seem like an abrupt end of a story. But where others see the end, Shepherd Center sees a new chapter. Your generous support will make it possible to transform even more lives.

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New Family Housing Tower at 1860 Peachtree Road

Create More “I Cans”

Shepherd Center is pursuing our most ambitious campaign yet. We’re adding more beds and buildings; we’re expanding and advancing neurorehabilitation in ways once considered unimaginable. To ensure Shepherd Center remains the premier destination for catastrophic care and rehabilitation, we’ve set an ambitious goal and we need you to help us get there.

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I Can’t Walk On My Own Two Feet,
but I Can Run On My New Ones.”

The average national rehabilitation center return-to-home rate is 70%. At Shepherd, it’s 94%. No wonder patients like Cindy, and their families, are so eager to seek treatment here. Since graduating from Shepherd, Cindy hasn’t just survived; she’s thrived—doing CrossFit five days a week and running half-marathons. With your help, we can help more patients thrive and realize countless “I Cans”.

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Transformational Priorities

To continue pursuing all that is possible for our patients and their families, we must strengthen our established foundation and ensure continued excellence into the future – not only as we prepare for 2025, but as we envision what Shepherd must look like in 2035, 2045, and beyond. Shepherd Center leadership has identified two overarching strategic objectives that we must now address:

Increase Patient Access

Shepherd Center currently turns away several hundred medically appropriate inpatients each year because of limited bed capacity. Similarly, the wait time for many of our outpatient programs is measured in months rather than hours. Our first objective is to expand our facilities so that, for decades to come, we can provide access to Shepherd Center’s services for all prospective patients when they need our help.

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Improve the Patient & Family Experience

Shepherd’s patient outcomes are widely regarded as industry-leading, but we must continually seek to improve the experience that we provide to both patients and their family members in order to remain the preeminent neurorehabilitation facility in the world. Accordingly, our second objective is to modernize and enhance the services that Shepherd Center provides to both patients and families to ensure that every experience delivers the best possible outcome and the highest level of post-treatment independence.

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A Look at What’s to Come

Pursuing Possible will transform Shepherd Center’s footprint and the way we serve our patients and community for years to come.

New Center for Advanced Rehabilitation & Innovation building on the Main Campus

Inspiring Innovation

Marcus Center for Advanced Rehabilitation on the Main Campus

New Family Housing Tower at 1860 Peachtree Road

Family Matters

Arthur M. Blank Family Residences at 1860 Peachtree Road

Interior of the New Center for Advanced Rehabilitation & Innovation on the Main Campus

Growing the Heart

Main Campus Enhancements in the Marcus-Woodruff Building

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Construction Progress

Shepherd Center construction site at 1860 Peachtree Road

January 5, 2023, was a very exciting day and just the beginning of great things to come as we continue to provide extraordinary care and service for our patients and their families. On this day, on the construction site at 1860 Peachtree Road, the tower crane was installed and is ready to work on building the new Arthur M. Blank Family Residences.

Completed demolition at the 1860 Peachtree Road site, the future home of the Arthur M. Blank Family Residences.

Demolition is now complete at the 1860 Peachtree Road site, the future home of the Arthur M. Blank Family Residences. The 2018 land acquisition and subsequent expansion was championed by Shepherd Center co-founder, the late James H. Shepherd, Jr., who passed away in December 2019.

New Family Housing Tower at 1860 Peachtree Road

The new construction will add approximately 160 housing units for patient families, more than doubling the amount of current housing available and allowing all patient families traveling to Shepherd Center to stay in donor-funded housing the entire length of their loved one’s stay.


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