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Graduate Resources

Our remarkable graduates and their families are the heart of our Shepherd Center story. That’s why you are one of the first to hear about our next chapter—one we hope you will be a part of with us. Our Pursuing Possible campaign will help us significantly expand our facilities so we can provide life-renewing care to more people in the decades to come. Will you join us in making it a success?

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Share Your Powerful Shepherd Story

Nothing helps people understand Shepherd Center’s extraordinary care like the stories of people who have been treated there and the family who supported them through recovery, one day at a time. You can use the resources on this page to write your unique Shepherd story as a graduate or family member. Then, you can easily share your Shepherd story, or other graduate stories, as well as information about our Pursuing Possible campaign with your networks on Facebook, Instagram and email.

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Write Your Shepherd Story

Download our “Writing Your Shepherd Story” guide and answer a few questions about your experience to create your unique Shepherd story. Once your story is complete, you can save it and share it with your friends and network. We have two great ways to get started:

  1. Email your friends using the “Share Your Shepherd Story” email template linked on this page;
  2. Share it with the Shepherd Center team by attaching your story in an email to [email protected].

Share Pursuing Possible
Campaign by Email



Download Templates

Download the email files below and open them in your email browser.

Complete Info

Complete the highlighted information to make it personal to you and your Shepherd story as a graduate or family member.

Send Emails

Send emails to your friends and network to help get the word out about Pursuing Possible and the life-renewing care you’ve been a part of at Shepherd Center.
Email template with directions for how to thank someone for donating to Shepherd Center and inviting them to follow along on the campaign's progress.

Share the Pursuing Possible Campaign

Email template explaining how to share your Shepherd story.

Share Your Shepherd Story

Email template explaining how to share about the Pursuing Possible campaign.

Thank Someone for Donating

Have questions or need support developing your story or activating your network?
Contact [email protected] for assistance.

Get the Word Out On Social Media

Sharing information on Shepherd Center’s Pursuing Possible campaign can get your contacts excited about being part of Shepherd’s next chapter, too. You can help get the word out by sharing it with your friends and followers on Facebook and Instagram. Please feel free to use any of these posts!

How It Works:


Choose Post

Choose the post you’d like to share from the options below.

Download Image

Download the image to your device.

Copy Text

Copy the provided text for your post and personalize it.


Choose the photo you downloaded, paste your post or caption and share to get the word out.

Pursuing Possible Vision and Purpose

@ShepherdCenter is seeking support to add family housing and expand its capacity to care for people facing catastrophic injury
and illness—people like [me/my husband/wife/daughter/brother/sister/mother/father]. The Pursuing Possible campaign will
ensure that Shepherd can help stories like [mine/ours] continue for generations to come. #PursuingPossible, #PursuingPossibleProud, #ISupportShepherd

"When [I/loved one] suffered my traumatic [injury/illness], [my wife/husband/daughter/brother/mother/father/loved one/me]
stayed in on-site family housing, allowing [them/me] to be by [my/his/her/their] side throughout [my/his/her/their] treatment.
Shepherd Center has launched the Pursuing Possible campaign to add housing so more families can heal together, too.
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I’m proud to be helping @ShepherdCenter expand its life-renewing care and housing for families by supporting
Pursuing Possible, and you can too at

The Pursuing Possible campaign will help Shepherd Center expand its life-renewing inpatient care, housing for
families, and outpatient therapies and services, but they can’t do it alone. I’m proud to be a part of Shepherd’s
next chapter, and you can be too at No gift is too small to make a big difference. #PursuingPossible, #PursuingPossibleProud, #ISupportShepherd
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