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Shepherd staff assisting a patient with assistive technology device.

Technology That Can Change Lives

We’re not just focused on treating patients within our walls. Shepherd Center is constantly pursuing innovations that can help patients around the world.

Our assistive technology research is constantly pushing the boundaries of equipment and systems to support greater independence for people with disabilities or injuries.

“I can’t stand up, but I won’t be held down.”

Shepherd graduate, Cole Burton.

Furthering innovation at Shepherd will help more patients like Jefferey Cox discover the next chapter of their lives.

A catastrophic sports injury permanently limited Jefferey’s mobility, but like many spinal cord injury patients, Jefferey quickly learned to use a sip-and-puff-controlled wheelchair. How he uses that ability, though, is anything but ordinary.

With the help of our Assistive Technology Center team, Jefferey can get back on the field – virtually, that is. Shepherd innovation specialists turned his everyday sip-and-puff into a modified gaming console. And the first game he played? Madden Football.  

Opening Possibilities, Increasing Abilities

Shepherd patient, Amelia Holley, using assistive technology.

Donations Make a Difference

Breakthrough assistive technologies have the potential to give countless individuals expanded access to so many aspects of the world around them. These programs and innovations–including high- and low-tech solutions, communication tools, and ongoing training for staff–are only possible thanks to donations from people like you.