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Shepherd patient and staff member working together on a project.

Where Innovation Is a Mission

At Shepherd, innovation is at the heart of what we do. For our team, it is about relentlessly working to develop new and improved ways to care for people with spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, spine and chronic pain, and other related conditions.

Our research goal is no less than advancing the field of rehabilitation to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities at Shepherd Center and around the world for generations to come.

"I can’t walk on my own two feet, but I can run on my new ones."

Shepherd graduate, Cindy Martinez holding a barbell.

For patients like Cindy Martinez, a Marine veteran, the benefits of Shepherd’s innovation are incredibly tangible. What started as a dull ache in her back morphed into a burning fever and life-threatening condition in a matter of days. Bacteria took hold of her body and took over. After several months of fighting through organ failures and amputations, Cindy thought she was out of options. That was before she knew about Shepherd.

You Make Innovation Possible

Shepherd staff members examining a patient.

Donations Make a Difference

Breakthrough research is just one more way Shepherd Center is turning “I Can’t” moments into “I Can” realities, not just at Shepherd Center but for patients all around the world. Donations help fund research at Shepherd Center, and at any given time, Shepherd researchers are leading 75 active clinical trials, including those that are trying to improve efficiency of recovery therapies and treatments that will change the landscape of rehabilitation in the future. But none of it would be possible without your support.