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A group of people watching a doctor teach. The doctor is holding an artificial spine.

Harnessing Each Individual’s
Healing Power

Spine issues and chronic pain are complex medical problems that can profoundly affect someone’s physical and mental well-being. Shepherd Center’s Dean Stroud Spine and Pain Institute treats the physical aspects of spinal problems and pain to restore function and increase independence. We also focus on the emotional components to improve quality of life.

Shepherd Center strives to help spine and pain patients get back to living their best lives by treating the whole patient. 

"I can’t move like I used to, but I can lead a movement."

Shepherd graduate, Tina Davis.

This comprehensive, customized care empowers patients like Tina Davis, a fitness instructor who was shot seven times in a horrific domestic violence attack.

Pouring her energy into Shepherd’s life-restoring therapies gave hope to this avid runner who awoke with no feeling below the waist. After six weeks of inpatient care, four weeks at the Spinal Cord Injury Day Program, and 9+ months of rigorous training in Beyond Therapy®, she went from no movement below the waist to walking with forearm crutches and teaching spin classes to other Shepherd patients.

Now, Tina has founded her own nonprofit and uses her love of running to raise money for domestic violence crisis centers.

Champion Their Next Chapter

A man examining a woman's spine while she has her arms lifted.

Donations Make a Difference

Your donations to Shepherd Center’s Dean Stroud Spine and Pain Institute allow us to serve more patients, fund research specific to pain, and provide access to pain psychologists to deal with the psychological aspects of pain. When you make your next donation to Shepherd, please know the difference you are making in the lives of individuals dealing with debilitating pain.