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One of the best ways to support Shepherd Center is to keep our community flourishing by sharing our mission with family and friends. Together, we can turn “I Can’t” into “I Can” for countless patients and expand our programs and research, further impacting the field of neurorehabilitation forever.

Two women and therapy dog smiling outside of Shepherd Center during Shepherd's Fourth of July celebration.

Join the Graduate Movement

Are you a Shepherd Center graduate? Nothing helps people understand Shepherd’s extraordinary care like the stories of people who have been treated there and the family who supported them through recovery. You can use the graduate resources on this page to write your unique Shepherd story and share social posts.

Man crossing the finish line at Shepherd Center's Wheelchair Division of The Peachtree Road Race.

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Share your support of Shepherd Center.
For so many patients, neurorehabilitation at Shepherd is the difference-maker in a life full of possibility. But it’s not possible without the generous support from our donors. Give now to make more life transformations possible – now and into the future. #PursuingPossible #PursuingPossibleProud #WeAreShepherd #HopeIsHere #ISupportShepherd
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Donations to Shepherd help fund vital programs that transform the lives of our patients and their families. Give now. #PursuingPossible #PursuingPossibleProud #WeAreShepherd #HopeIsHere #ISupportShepherd
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Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Shepherd family, playing a vital role in helping our patients and their families turn “I Can’t” into “I Can.” Join our team. #PursuingPossible #PursuingPossibleProud #WeAreShepherd #HopeIsHere #ISupportShepherd
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Shepherd’s programs help propel patients successfully into the next chapters in their lives. And it simply is not possible without the support of time, talent, and treasure from people like you. See how you can make a difference. #PursuingPossible #PursuingPossibleProud #WeAreShepherd #HopeIsHere #ISupportShepherd
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